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Welcome thanks for the time you have taken to view our work.

General Info

We will consult on any project that you are willing to undertake.


We will research & advise the latest technologies, and keep you up to date on all aspects of the proposal.


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All projects need a manager, whether it be you or your employees, but they must be able to take a step backwards and look from outside the square.


We can help, whether you would like us to control the project or advise on the appropriate rules and regulations.

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Website Development encompasses talking to you about your needs, evaluating your current business and determining how this will best fit into an online presence.


We discuss with you who your target market is, what your primary product or service is and any ancillary services you wish promote on the website, how you will use the website to sell your product or service, whether you wish to simply place information on the website or opt for e-commerce facilities, and what domain name and hosting arrangements you wish to pursue.

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Content Collation & Website Design Concept

Following this initial consultation, we ask for a 50% investment up-front so we can commence website development.


We then take any promotional material you have - business cards, brochures, digital images, photographs, etc. - and within two weeks, create a graphic design concept for your website.


We'll place this in a temporary location on our website for you to have a look at, and we'll discuss with you any changes you wish to make; then finalise the design.


Throughout this process, you can collate and or write content for the website (don't worry, we will be more than happy to help with this.)


Once the content is complete, we'll ask for this to be emailed to us as well as any extra images you would like to feature on the website.

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What Next!

If you'd like to launch an Internet business, or if you have an online business that you're ready to take to the next level, we can help you develop marketing and business organization strategies that will enable you to read your objectives.

Everyone has heard of someone who's getting rich off the Internet. Unfortunately, the truth is only those people who understand the dynamics of the web and keep up with its ever-changing principles, will succeed.

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