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Network support - cable installation, local and wide area networks, wireless networks, file and print sharing.

A critical part of your business, your computer network has undoubtedly changed and grown along with your company. As technology changes it is important that systems and business applications keep up!

Our services can help your network:

  Yardtech Bullet Provide responsive performance, making data available when you need it
  Yardtech Bullet Stay highly available, providing minimal system downtime
  Yardtech Bullet Keep information secure, safe from viruses and any unauthorized access
  Yardtech Bullet Be scalable, allowing your technology to easily grow with your business
  Yardtech Bullet Stay properly maintained and supported by industry-certified experts

Yardley Technical Services provides consulting, software, and support services that focus on your business needs. Our business-centric philosophy is one where technology revolves around your company, not the other way around!

Yardley Technical Services provides expert solutions from consultants who are business savvy and technically capable.


We do Networking and System Repairs and Upgrades throughout Sydney!

Is your Network slow or not performing to it's capabilities?

Are all your peripherals up to date?

If there is anything in your computer network or any of its peripherals (such as printers or monitors) that's not working to your satisfaction, please let us know. We can advise you of the best course of action to get things going again.

e.g. The requirements for your computer network, where you wish to work on your machine may not be where your peripherals or internet access points are.

Are all the drivers compatible?

Our trained technicians perform repairs on a wide range of computer systems every day, so you can be sure that the solutions they recommend are based on expert knowledge of what works in real-life situations.

Do you believe that it may be under performing? 

Let us give you an idea and see if it is worth either renewing or in need of a Brand New System!

We can give you an idea at least, we are fully trained and will give you an obligation free qoute.

Is your Anti-Virus working?
Is your Network protected?
Does your firewall suffice?


Do you need any advice?

Can we be of any assistance?

Contact Us and we will arrange to review your issue and give you a full written report!

Our expert technicians can advise you on the most effective and efficient way to manage your computer system, and can recommend reliable products that will best meet your needs now and for the foreseeable future.

We will supply and install almost any computer related equipment that you need.

We are fully trained and use the latest components to ensure maximum performance!

We are more than willing to advise on what system would be the one for the applications you will be using!

All work is fully Guaranteed!

Concept :: Keeping in mind that your information system is only as good as the business processes that drive it... assists your organization including all key staff to define, create and document the business processes that will be the premise for the design of your system.

We are here for you!

Custom Built Networks to our great standards!

Our promise to you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

 Yardtech Australia!Home networks may be the answer and some personal computer industry titans are hoping consumers will think so, too -- especially now, after families have given and received home computers during the holidays.
   Consumers connect multiple PCs at home and share printers, files, drives and Internet access.
   Many consumers have decided one home computer isn't enough to accommodate adults who work at home or telecommute, as well as kids who use PCs for homework and entertainment.

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